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Six Pillars of Changemaking

Changemaker pillars are derived from the belief that the ideal leader will be simultaneously visionary, ethical, engaging, tactical, technical, and reflective.

Change-makers Premise

Change making is the capacity to create the right conditions for the success of everyone while inspiring yourself to become your best self in positive and productive ways.
Making change requires intentionality, a deep commitment to the welfare of others and development of some complex and nuanced set of skills.
Personal power is more potent than positional power and the opportunities in life for change making are innumerable.

A Visionary Changemaker

  • Develops context for understanding societal needs and opportunities
  • Is able to conceptualize the gap between current & desired state(s)
  • Challenges the status quo with innovative and sustainable ideas
  • Has a facility for translating the external environment to his/her team
  • Is comfortable taking risks, with refined ability to calibrate net impact
  • Recognizes the need for diverse perspectives for highest-level thinking

An Ethical Changemaker

  • Demonstrates commitment to professionalism in all circumstances
  • Is reliable and unwavering, maintaining a steady influence on others
  • Maintains the same high expectations for oneself as for others, without compromise
  • Is compassionate, forgiving, and deeply invested in the development of those on his/her team
  • Is able to productively participate on diverse teams, managing conflict constructively without hesitation

An Engaging Changemaker

  • Possesses the confidence and ego-strength to be a catalyst for others’ success
  • Possesses exceptional formal and informal communication skills
  • Recognizes that the development of human resources is the key to success
  • Is able to be inspired and inspire, to be led and to lead without condescension, and to build trust and mutual respect for and between diverse members of the team
  • Is able to anticipate conflict, and to proactively contribute to a team dynamic that creates high-functioning engagement and impact
  • Is celebrative, building on success while remedying team shortcomings

A Tactical Changemaker

  • Has the operational savvy to know what it takes to achieve the ultimate vision and the complex goals that undergird that vision
  • Owns the responsibility to upload and contribute to the ideal environment for team and individual impact, consistent with sustainable success
  • Takes personal initiative as needed, while appropriately delegating to and nurturing others
  • Facilitates deep analytics, systemic thinking, and the ability to distinguish between critical-path issues and manageable barriers to success
  • Builds up a climate for optimal risk-taking, while ensuring quality control
    Successfully calibrates the magnitude of task(s) at hand, the capital, human and other resources necessary for impact

A Technical Changemaker

  • Displays deep technical expertise in core realms of relevance
  • Develops relevant sub-expertise in key adjacent areas critical to success
  • Has the ego strength and intellect to identify, secure, and rely on the necessary expertise and competencies of others
  • Is committed to continually promoting the development of the xpertise of those within his/her team, embracing the near-term risk inherent in the development of a strong and confident team
  • While relying on current foundations of knowledge and industry best-practices,embraces opportunities to innovate and inspire in new frontiers
  • Has the intellect and foresight to reasonably anticipate negative externalities and unintended consequences, and to manage for highest-order net impact

A Reflective Changemaker

  • Promotes the use of clear metrics for group and individual success, as well as formal and informal processes for assessment and redirection
  • Exhibits personal commitment to continuous improvement, and to honest appraisal of and action to improve upon areas for growth
  • Promotes similar self-reflection and self-development of others within the team, prizing the discovery of weakness as a pathway to strength
  • Seeks feedback from and provides feedback to others, both team members and key stakeholders
  • Is ever-mindful of long-term objectives and sustainable impact, prizing ultimate success over short-term gain
  • Invests the time to reflect, to secure objective perspectives, to ponder innovative alternatives, and to redirect without hesitancy or intransigence